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Wyllie Martial Arts

Wyllie Martial Arts was established by Greg Wyllie in 1985

The core team are the Wyllie family, Greg, Steve and Chris, who together have 100 years of martial arts experience, encompassing Taekwondo, Hapkido, Krav Maga; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Karate.

Master Greg Wyllie, pioneered martial arts on Sydney’s Northshore and Wyllie Taekwondo proudly boasts the largest school’s martial arts academy in Sydney. The Wyllie family strives to teach martial arts students self control, perseverance, integrity, courtesy and above all an indomitable spirit.

Greg Wyllie

  • Grand Master in taekwondo (9thDan)
  • Multiple decades of martial arts experience starting with judo at 9 years of age
  • Qualified School Teacher B.Ed(17 years employed by the NSW Dept of Ed)
  • Sports Coordinator and PE teacher at a number of North Shore Schools
  • NCAS Level 2 coaching qualification
  • A meritorious tournament competitor in the 1980’s  
  • Established Wyllie Academy in 1985 (Taekwondo)
  • Pioneer of Martial Arts on Sydney’s North Shore
  • Responsible for the mass introduction of Taekwondo/self defence programs in hundreds of Sydney schools
  • Founder of the annual All Schools Taekwondo Championships
  • Exercise therapist at Northside Greenwich Clinic (Ramsay Health Care) for 10 years

Steve Wyllie

  • Master in Taekwondo (6th Dan)
  • Master in Hapkido (6th Dan)
  • Certified Tactical Krav Maga Instructor
  • Certified Kickboxing Coach under Master Toddy
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness / PT
  • Strike Fit Boxing Coach
  • 5+ years Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Gold Medallist/Competitor at a State/National level in TKD, Kyokushin Karate & BJJ
  • 25+ years total martial arts experience
  • Still actively competing in several disciplines

Chris Wyllie

  • Taekwondo 4th Dan Black Belt
  • Former Taekwondo State & National Champion
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness / PT
  • Strike Fit Boxing Coach
  • Current Boxing competitor
  • 20+ years total martial arts experience

Peter Nguy

  • Started with 1 year of Wing Chun (1993). Grade 1. Sydney  training under the late Master Jim Fung
  • Started Wyllie Taekwondo in 1998 to present.
  • 4th dan, Training under Grand Master Wyllie, Master Thomas and Master Loh.
  • 6 mths of BJJ - 2015. White belt, 1 stripe. myBJJ training under Mario Yokoyama

Ian Thomas

  •  Has a lifelong passion with martial arts
  • Officiated during the Sydney Olympics at Taekwondo
  • Competed at South Pacific Championships and has trained Academy members to NSW State and Australian titles
  • Master Thomas 7th Dan Black Belt has studied both ITF and WTF taekwondo under several Grand Masters including Grand Master Wyllie in 1987

Rob Webb 

  • Participated in Wyllie taekwondo extensively throughout primary and lower high school
  • Returned to the academy over the last year to apply both taekwondo and 7 years of boxing training,teaching students the art of the punch and defensive movements.
  • Played and coached football at St Joseph's College (1stXI)
    Has found the martial arts is a huge benefit for self confidence, balance, hand-eye coordination and mental toughness which are great benefits to all sports and spirit in general.

Ben Young-Peirce 

  • 3rd dan black belt in Taekwondo 
  • 17 years experience in martial arts including Taekwondo, Boxing and BJJ
  • 10 years Personal training experience both private and with Vision PT
  • 3 time State Champion for Taekwondo
  • Specialises in children's classes to create a fun safe and educational environment 

Sophia Tilley

Yoga Instructor

Yoga has been a part of Sophia’s life for over 20 years after her parents came home from a Depak Chopra yoga & meditation retreat when she was eight and invited meditation and yoga into the daily routine over the holidays. She began her adult practice 10 years ago with Power Living and believes yoga has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Learning yoga inspires people to be present in each second and live each moment more mindfully.
Sophia completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Flow training with Body Mind Life in 2017 and has since completed: 50 hours of Super Sequencing with BML in 2019, 25 hours of Kids Yoga Training through Zenergy, Mindful Birth Pre & Post Natal Yoga Training at Elixr in 2019.
With a background in classical ballet Sophia loves to combine technical sequencing with a creative playfulness as well as modifications to build inspiration helping you deepen your practice. “We are all divine, divinity connects us all. When we see ourselves in others we remember that and when we forget; we practice yoga.”

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With more skill,
comes greater responsibility

– Master Greg Wyllie