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Wyllie Martial Arts is about community. Everyone at Wyllie Martial Arts is treated equally, with courtesy and respect. We provide opportunities for physical and mental growth in a positive and supportive environment. At Wyllie Martial Arts, no one is left behind, regardless of their skills or ability. The community includes our students families as well. Our instructors are the front line of the Wyllie Martial Arts experience. We acknowledge the importance in this relationship that defines who we are and how it has created the reputation we have become so proud of.

An Agenda Transformed
  1. We will acknowledge our team of instructors who are our front line partners in creating the Wyllie Martial Arts experience.
  2. We will ensure that our team has the training and equipment available to them so they can share the Wyllie Martial Arts experience to all the students and their families.
  3. The Wyllie Martial Arts academy is all about being transformed as an individual in a positive way. Our ultimate goal is to “Pay It Forward” inspiring students and families in the same way that we have been inspired by our past and present
    teachers, mentors and role models.
  4. Our purpose and the reason we exist as a school is Martial Arts. Without taekwondo and community, Wyllie Martial Arts would have no reason to exist. Therefore, we aim to teach martial arts at unrivaled skill levels. We employ methods that our students eagerly adopt, giving them the opportunity to achieve above and beyond their perceived limits and expectations.
  • We know that you don’t teach here because it’s your job. You teach here because it’s your passion.
  • We cannot be apprehensive or lazy to create and implement new programs into the academy. This breathes new life and enthusiasm into the curriculum.
  • We will always ask our team for feedback on how they think we can improve the academy. They are the front line with our members and their families.
  • We will ask for instructor input on how we can provide a better Wyllie Martial Arts experience. What would they do if they owned Wyllie Martial Arts? What are we doing right?What are we doing wrong? What can we be doing better? What are we doing out of habit that should possibly be changed? What have we stopped doing that we should still be doing? Exploring an imperfect idea can result in a better idea, or even a perfect idea.
  • We will show the instructors how to enhance the instructor/student experience in every class.
  • We will add team members who are genuinely friend, passionate, enthusiastic and always willing to go the extra mile.
  • We must continue to promote a unique community by bringing our strongest instructors to the front line of Wyllie Martial Arts.
  • We must do the same for our team of instructors as we do for our members. Exceed expectations, inspire and maintain trust.
  • We must kindle an emotional relationship with our customers at every opportunity.
  • We must create a unique experience for everyone who walks into the dojang. Not just members, but everyone.
  • To be an outstanding academy, all instructors must understand our purpose, and share that purpose with our students and their families.
  • We must not underestimate the value of people who are not students to deliver our message.
  • We must always be consistent in our message and show no favouritism.
  • We must reinvent the Wyllie Martial Arts experience. In doing so, we will provide the significant distinction that separates us from the competition, and other sports.
  • We must seek every possible way to improve our customer service.
  • We must keep our culture alive, growing and thriving. It starts from the top and works through the entire team.
  • We must be very clear what the Wyllie Martial Arts experience is, so we can successfully deliver the message.
  • We must protect and enhance the Wyllie Martial Arts experience to the point where we can show that the relationship we have with the students is not based on them joining or renewing.
  • We must actively engage the students and find out what they want. We need to show initiative, be proactive and ask, instead of finding out after they quit that things could have been improved or changed for them to have the best Wyllie Martial Arts experience possible.
  • We cannot let our competitors define us. We need to be proactive and define ourselves and show everyone what Wyllie Martial Arts is all about.
  • We must improve the instructor to student experience in every class. Many people are lost and lack hope for a future. We can help them overcome this hopelessness and realise the potential of life. Too often that is missing in today’s society.
  • Every instructor must be on the same page. Individual instructors should not have their own agenda. This necessitates a lot of communication, training, review and
    connection between instructors and all staff.
  • We must appreciate that unlike other businesses, we are not built with marketing and advertising. We succeed by creating an experience because of how we treat our students and their families, and the relationships we built with them.
  • We must ensure that every person who walks into Wyllie Martial Arts senses community, comfort, cleanliness and a familial relationship with our staff.
  • We must always lead with our heart. “If you believe, you can change anything.”
  • We must always have this question at the forefront of our minds: will my behaviour enhance Wyllie Martial Arts in the minds and hearts of our members and their families?
  • We must ask self-reflecting questions like “What has your Martial Arts training done for you in your life?” And how can you pass similar experiences forward to all your students?
  • We must have an attitude and policy that no one is left behind, regardless of their natural abilities, skills or their ability to pay.
  • We must lead with community, connection, respect, dignity, humor, humanity and accountability.
  • We must think back to a teacher, mentor or role model who had a significant and positive impact on your life. How you look at yourself, your talents and your potential.
  • You must challenge yourself to be that teacher, that mentor to every one of your students. You must challenge yourself to connect with them on a level that propels them to optimism, hope, enthusiasm and a belief in themselves.
  • We never know what’s going on in a person’s life at any given time. If we treat everyone like it’s their last day on earth, we will succeed in showing the right amount of respect, interest, caring and presence.
  • Your ability to connect with your students defines if we are a great teacher or the ringmaster of an activity.
  • We are not teaching hundreds of students per week. We are teaching one student hundreds of times per week. Each connection counts.
  • No single instructor makes us great. It’s the complete team with a single united purpose that makes us great.
  • What defines Wyllie Martial Arts is human connection.

With more skill,
comes greater responsibility

– Master Greg Wyllie