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Wyllie Warriors Program

Wyllie Martial Arts has the most comprehensive Schools Martial Arts, Taekwondo and Self Defense Program in Australia. Grand Master Greg Wyllie, Australia’s highest ranked Taekwondo Master – 9th Dan, has developed an enviable reputation for delivering tailored children’s martial arts programs for over 35 years.

The core philosophy of Wyllie Martial Arts is to teach the leaders of tomorrow discipline, respect and confidence in a safe, family oriented environment that focuses on the individual, not the group.

The Wyllie Team of instructors actively competes in Martial Arts competitions and constantly strives to educate themselves on new techniques and disciplines, adding to their Martial Arts skills base in order to pass their knowledge on to the next generation of Wyllie Warriors.

The Wyllie Martial Arts Program achievements include both the Australian Junior Taekwondo Champion (female) and NSW Champion (male), however we strive for every Wyllie Warrior to achieve confidence and discipline.

No goal is beyond your child’s reach at the Wyllie Taekwondo Self Defense Academy.

The Wyllie School Martial Arts Academy is the largest and most comprehensive on Sydney’s North Shore.

Wyllie offer classes both at the Dojo and at School locations

Wyllie offer classes both at the Dojo and at School locations

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The benefits of Taekwondo for our children are far reaching;

• Improved Learning - Master Wyllie, a trained school teacher, has developed the Wyllie Program to aid children’s concentration which has a cross over effect on school learning.
• Taekwondo helps build neural pathways in developing brains through the learning of patterns and cross brain haemospheral exercises.
• Taekwondo Improves Children’s Fitness - it is an excellent cardio work out for children. We also teach our children breathing techniques and instill the values of good nutrition and good sleep
• Respect: We teach our children to have a positive and respectful attitude to the Dojo and the fellow students.
• Taekwondo improves Self Confidence. The successes our children achieve in Taekwondo helps them achieve successes outside the Dojo. We teach perserverance.
• Taekwondo teaches Self Defense, both physically and mentally

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Don't Miss our Term One School Holiday's Program


Don't miss out on registration for our Term One School Holiday program. Have fun learning new skills and making new friends.

Space are limited!

Week 1:  15,16,17 April

Week 2:  20,21,22,23 April

Registration forms will be loaded over the coming days so to secure your spot give us a

call on 9403 5398

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The benefits for your child learning the disciplines of Taekwondo are far reaching. We believe in our program so much, we'd love to offer a free trial.

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Want your child to gain more confidence or work on your personal security? Our academy focuses on a variety of different disciplines for all age groups. Check out our session times at the Dojo.

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We are active in School Holiday Camps. It gives children a great place to meet people with similar interests while giving them the opportunity to get a taste for Taekwondo by interacting with our children already actively learning. 

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With a dedicated and skilled team, regular  competitions and holiday programs, find out how to get your school involved today

After Schools Program

Looking for an after school program for your child? Find out more about class days, times and costs.

With more skill,
comes greater responsibility

– Master Greg Wyllie