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Little Warrior Belt Instruction

The Little Wyllie Warrior program is designed to give our younger students a fundamental set of taekwondo techniques and patterns that they will practice at training and execute at grading in order to advance to the next rank. Each time a student achieves a new rank, more techniques will be added, these techniques will be slightly more advanced, step by step, adding to their repertoire. By the time our students graduate from the Little Wyllie Warrior program, they will have a solid foundation and understanding which will enable the student to take on the more advanced and complicated techniques associated with our Senior program

Below are some short instructional videos to take students through techniques required to achieve each belt

Taekwondo Instruction:
4 Directional Punch

Taekwondo Instruction:
Taegeuk One

Taekwondo Instruction:
Taegeuk Two

Taekwondo Instruction:
Taegeuk Three

Taekwondo Instruction:
Taegeuk Four

Taekwondo Instruction:
Taegeuk Five

Taekwondo Instruction:
Taegeuk Six

Taekwondo Instruction:
Taegeuk Seven

Taekwondo Instruction:
Taegeuk Eight

Taekwondo Instruction:
Koryo Pattern

Yellow Stripe

Basic Movements: 3 moves
Kicks: 2 moves
Hands: 4 movements
Patterns: 1 x Four Directional punching right hand side

Green Stripe

Basic Movements:
Kicks: 3
Hands: 6 
Patterns 2: Four directional punching

Blue Stripe

Basic Movements: 6
Kicks: 5
Hands: 7
Pattterns: 3 - Four directional punching (left and right) and Taegeuk 1 - First six movements

Red Stripe

Basic Movements: 7
Kicks: 6
Hands: 8
Patterns: 3 Four directional punching (left and right) and Taegeuk 1 - First twelve movements

Black Stripe

Basic Movements: 7
Kicks: 8
Hands: 10
Patterns: 3. Four directional punching (left and right) and Taegeuk 1 - Full pattern

With more skill,
comes greater responsibility

– Master Greg Wyllie